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Controlled Air Conditioning Install Sutherland Shire takes pride in our installations and we use only the highest quality products from the big AC brands from the fittings and ducts. Our staff is made up of only the most skilled and knowledgeable installers so you can be sure that the fitting of your HVAC unit will be done well and meant to last. Each home and business has different requirements of their air conditioning system and our friendly team members take the time to make sure you are getting exactly what you want and need.

The technicians performing the build in also take their time to make sure every step is done correctly and that they clean up their mess and fully explain to you how to maintain and operate the system following any installation. Should any issues arise afterwards, helpful and friendly advice is just a phone call away.


(02) 8599 4556

Commercial & Residential Air Con Installations Sutherland Shire

Our experienced team is able to tackle any installation from the smallest residential job to the biggest commercial assignment. Our AC fitters are familiar with all of the most popular brands including Mitsubishi, LG, Daikin, Panasonic, and more. Our goal is to provide the best products along with world class service when it comes to the installation and care of your new air conditioning system in the Sutherland Shire

Sutherland Shire Affordable Install of AC Systems

Knowledgeable and friendly staff is on hand to answer any of your questions and to help you decide what type of system best suits your needs or what sort of fixing you require. Whether you want to try to figure out which new system is the most cost effective and efficient for your building or to diagnose and fix a problem with your current system, Controlled Air Con install Sutherland Shire can help you find the answers. The local weather can present unique challenges to heating or cooling your home and because of this we proudly offer a wide variety of products and AC installation plans. An affordable and comfortable temperature in your house has never been easier to obtain.

The Perfect Cooling Installation

There is nothing worse than when your ducted heater or air conditioning system stop working right when you really start to need it. Fortunately, Controlled Air conditioning Repair Sutherland Shire is here to solve all of your repair needs. Our experienced staff has been doing local repairs for years and we can surely get your units back in working condition immediately. Our technicians have experience in all forms of AC improvement including evaporative cooling repairs; gas ducted heating repairs, ducted refrigerated cooling repairs, and split system repairs. Give us a call and one of our friendly team members will discuss your problem and send out some repairmen as soon as possible.

We Will Introduce You To The Best AC Units There Is

Buying a new air conditioning unit is a big decision and there are plenty of options to consider. Our staff is well-qualified to answer any question and give you friendly advice as to which unit would be best for you. We can also provide accurate quotes with no hidden charges that will arise later down the road. Give us a call and we can work out the details and have a talented technician sent over and installing your new system as soon as possible.

Fitting Split systems Sutherland Shire

A split system is a Sutherland Shire air conditioning system installation that is made up of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit that are connected by electrical wiring and piping. These systems can be either a single head split system or a multi-head split system install but both feature inverters that offer energy savings and are capable of reverse cycles which cool rooms during the hot summer months and heat them up during the chilly winter. Sizes range from 2kW systems for individual bedrooms and small rooms to 10kW for more open, larger rooms, however all units are controlled by simple remote controls keeping the power to adjust the temperature in the palm of your hand.

Affordable Cooling In The Sutherland Shire With Our HVAC Build Ins

Inverter split systems use a compressor that is capable of varying its speed, making it extremely versatile in either single or multi-head units used for heating or cooling. DC inverter controls initially use full power during startup to wither cool or warm a room as quickly as possible. Once the desired temperature is reached the inverter installation adjusts the frequency of the current to maintain the temperature and to prevent loss of energy. Multi-split systems attach several indoor units to one outdoor unit and can use inverter drive to vary the capacity control and lower energy expenses. Another advantage of multi-split systems is that they can harness the power of the outdoor unit while remaining quiet indoors. Give Controlled Air Conditioning installs Sutherland Shire a call and we can discuss the different models and find just the right system for your needs.

Sutherland Shires High Quality Climate Control Systems

Controlled Air Con installations brings you only the best products to satisfy your cooling needs and it is our goal to make sure that you are comfortable indoors all year long. We are stocked in the best products from top name brands including Temperzone, Fujitsu, Actron, and Daikin. Split system air conditioners installs from these companies are quiet, clean, and versatile and can be attached to the wall, ceiling, or floor with refrigerant piping and wiring connecting it to the outside unit. These units are excitant and easy to operate and maintain. In order to clean one of these split system units you just need to clean the filters, not detach any major components.