There is no doubt that the world is experiencing some of the ground-breaking scientific innovations today. In a bid to improve their products, many companies have invested heavily in scientific research, and it’s paying off. Today it’s like we are experiencing the culmination of most of the commission research considering the rate at which things are changing.

But the most interesting thing is what will come up tomorrow or how things will be a few years down the line. One area that technology has played a huge role, particularly in enhancing performance and the ease of use is the air conditioning systems. In fact, the AC units that we are using today cannot compare to ones we used a decade ago. But one thing that we can bet on is more innovations in this field in the near future. But which innovations are likely to change the future of air conditioners? Here are the key air conditioner innovations to look out for in future:

1. Movement-Activated Air Conditioner

Have you ever thought of a system that can only work when it detects you are in the room? Well, this is highly possible, and scientists are already working on this innovation for mass production. This is one of the technological advancement that will change the air conditioners in the near future due to its environmental and economic benefits. The system will be designed with sensors to detect human movement in the room for it to cool the room. One of the greatest benefits is the cutting off the energy bills since it only runs when you are in the room. MIT Company pioneers the technology and they have several prototypes on the market already. Soon we might see a mass production of this technology. If you’re runnign an old air con don’t despair, we have some handy tips to reduce the running cost of your air conditioning system for you!

2. Ice Powered Air Conditioner

This is another ground breaking innovation that’s expected to change the way we have been using our air conditioning system. Being developed and pioneered by a California-based company, they have created an ice-powered air conditioner named the Ice Bear. The AC system is designed on very simple principles of utilising frozen water or ice to keep the room cool. Ice Bear comes with a tank where water is frozen to ice overnight to be used the next day. Although the company is still working to improve the number of working hours from the current six, this is innovation that will be a game-changer in the AC industry, and one we expect to see popping up in new Cronulla air con installations soon.

3. Thermally Driven Air Conditioning

Thermo driven AC units is another innovation that will change the industry in a great way. Pioneered by Chromasun, an Australian company, this technology is a low-cost alternative to the traditional air conditioning system. What makes thermally driven air conditioning exceptional is the fact that it is designed to utilise solar power which is supplemented by natural gas. This is what makes the thermal driven air conditioner a highly efficient and effective system. Once the technology will be ready for mass production, it is expected to be one of the market leaders from the mere fact that it eliminated electricity costs altogether.

4. Smart AC Units

This is an innovation that has gotten many homeowners extremely excited. How would you feel controlling your AC unit via the smartphone app from any part of the world? This is the next innovation that will change the operation of the air conditioning systems. The technology which borrows heavily from the smart applications such as cars actually works the same. All you need is to have the AC system connected to your smart technology and everything will work seamlessly. With smart technology, you can control the temperature in your home or the office from any part of the world. What’s more exciting about the technology is that the system has the ability to update you on temperature changes in the rooms.

5. 3-D Printed Air Conditioners

Call it a far-fetched dream, but it’s a fact that 3-D technology is growing rapidly. In fact, we have seen an increase in the application of this technology particularly in prints and movies sectors over last few years. With this idea and the numerous benefits that the technology comes with, we cannot rule out the possibility of 3-D printed A/C systems in the near future. As a matter of fact, companies such as Emerging Objects have already set the trend by printing a 3-D printed “brick” that is capable of drawing moisture out of an area to cool it. With such knowledge, maybe someone is working behind the scenes on a 3-D printed air conditioning system.


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