If you’re planning to install or replace your air conditioning unit, you’ve got to be very smart. Because of being one of the most expensive appliances in any household, the last thing you want is to make a mistake while shopping for it. But buying a dependable, affordable and efficient air conditioning unit is no easy task. There are plenty of aspects you should look out for so as to take the right AC unit home. You need to do a lot of research to ensure that you are properly informed before going shopping. For beginners, we are providing you with 8 most important things you should know before buying a new AC:

1. Correct Sizing

This is an important factor you need to know before buying an AC conditioner. How large is your home or office? How many rooms does it have? These are just some of the questions that will help decide the correct size of the AC unit to buy. If you’ve a large number of rooms, it will be important to go for a larger system and vice versa. Don’t make a mistake of buying a unit that’s too small or too big for your needs. Our air con installers in Caringbah are well trained in picking the right size units for our customers so don’t be afraid to give us a call!

2. The Type of System To But

You should have an idea of whether you need to buy a multi-split system or not. If you have a number of rooms that need to be cooled, going for the multi-split system would the ideal choice. A multi-split system is capable of cooling 2 to 9 rooms with only one outdoor unit and also allows for individual control of each room. They are super economic for homes with a large number of rooms since they can make use one outdoor unit. However, if you only need to condition one room, you don’t need this.

3. Refrigerant

This is another area that you need to be very cautious while buying an air con. The type of the working fluid or the gas that the unit is using is very crucial. In most cases, R22 or R410A are the two most widely used refrigerants on the market. But R22 is gradually phasing out of the market due to its adverse side effects to the environment and low efficiency of the unit. On the other hand, R410A is highly recommended due to its high energy-efficiency and environmentally friendly. Don’t make a mistake of going for R22 refrigerant no matter how cheap it might be selling.

4. Insulation

The quality of the insulation is an important aspect to look for in an AC unit. Check the material that has been used to cover the copper pipes since it will impact the efficiency of the air conditioner. In most ideal case, the insulation should come in the form of rubber foam since it can easily absorb water droplets formed due to condensation on the pipes. Make sure that you have gone for the best insulation depending on the conditions in the home.

5. Grade

The quality of the copper is determined by thickness or gauge it comes with. That’s why it’s important to check the grade of the copper coils before making the payment. Thicker copper is great since it can withstand high operating pressure especially if you are using a multi-split system. You can go for the standard working gauge (SWG) or G25 to G21, which is the thickest. If you have no idea about the grading system and factors informing it, hire a professional plumber to help you out.

6. Features and Efficiency

This is another thing that you should confirm before buying the unit. For your system to remain economical for an extended period, you need to check its features and efficiency critically. To help you get this right, check the SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) ratings. For the split system AC units, the minimum should be 13 while heat pumps and packaged systems rating should be 14. To get the best out of your AC unit, we recommend the highest SEER rating available. Although it will cost you more upfront, the economic benefits of high SEER are immense.

7. Cost

This is another feature that you need to consider seriously. Your budget will greatly determine the quality of the AC units that you’ll get in the market. There is always a system for your budget, and you only need to speak with the dealer to get advice on the best one. The more money you invest in this appliance, the more benefits you get from it. Therefore, don’t shy away from spending more on your air condition unit.

8. Avoid buying online

This is a bonus tip. Buying air conditioning system online is a big NO. This is one of the appliances that require a physical examination and not just fancy features that are written on the paper. You might get into the trap of rogue dealers who might supply you with an AC unit that does not fit your specified features. by all means do your research online and use our aircon buying guide to help you, but you should make the final call in person. You might also be supplied with a refurbished unit or a system with poor insulation, gauge or refrigerant among other things. Therefore, buy from a physical dealer only.


9 Things You Should Know Before Buying Your New Air Conditioner