It can be stressful situation if a rat, mouse or other small animals die in your air duct and spreads bad odour all over the house. The good news is that you can thoroughly clean the area and completely remove the foul smell or outsource a professional if you just can’t stomach the thought of handling it. Here key tips of getting rid of dead rodents in you ductwork.
Track the Scent

The smell of a dead decomposing animal is often unmistakable to many. Sometimes the smell is too strong that you can easily confuse its location since it appears to come from all over. You will have to endure the odour and follow your nose to the point of origin. If the smell directs you to a particular heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) vent, remove the cover carefully and use a flashlight to find its exact position and proceed with removing and cleaning. If you cannot locate its position, you can seek the services of a professional in finding and removing the dead animal.

Getting It Out

After finding the dead animal, you will have to be very careful removing it. The minimum requirements in your possession during the process should be a pair of rubber gloves, garbage bag, paper towels and a disinfectant spray. When the animal is out of your reach, you will have to use a simple tool to get to it such as a bent coat hanger or a hose attached to a vacuum cleaner that is long enough to pull the dead animal within your grasp. Use your gloved hand to carefully deposit the animal into a plastic bag and immediately get it out of your house. Thoroughly clean all the areas touched by the carcass after removing it using a disinfectant spray.

Using Odour Removing Bags

Sometimes it may be difficult to completely clean all the areas touched by the dead animal especially if it was far from your reach and therefore you were required to drag it using another tool. Odour removing bags help to get rid of the smell partially after the first few hours and completely in few days. They are simple to use since you don’t necessarily have to place them at the exact location where the smell is coming from, and instead, you only have to hang it above the crawlspace and then close the room.

Plug the Lea

There are follow up steps that need to be addressed once the dead animal is removed and the area is thoroughly cleaned. A thorough inspection needs to be conducted on your ductwork to reveal how the animal was able to enter. The check is likely to expose the leaks that offer spaces for the animals to get in and which also likely contribute to more energy being used by the system.
A periodic inspection of the ductwork and a professional ductwork cleaning schedule are essential to ensure that your ductwork is free of leaks and also remains clean and odour-free throughout. Removing a dead animal from the ductwork and cleaning the area is a tough job. However, there is an option of engaging a professional to those who cannot stomach the thought of handling a smelling carcass.